Did the designers of the American One Dollar note know the symbolism of the 11:11?

The American One Dollar Bill appears to be steeped in occult symbolism and mystery that is said to represent such things as secret Masonic messages and a timeline displaying the beginning and ending of the United States. It is also said to have once, in 1963, even predicted the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. For the majority of us Americans though, it’s just a piece of currency with which to trade for a Super Big Gulp soft drink at 7-11 on the way home from work!

But what about the mystical images, anyway? Where did they come from and is their really some secret meaning to them or is it again just coincidence or synchronicity at play?

First issued in 1935 under the direction of Franklin D. Roosevelt, a 32nd degree Mason at the time, the current basic design of the One Dollar Bill is at once a striking, if common currency. 1935 was also to be the first year that the reverse side of the Great Seal – the Pyramid -  was prominently displayed to the world. Before that the reverse side of the Seal had been overlooked and nearly forgotten by many. Roosevelt ordered that both sides of the Great Seal be shown on the reverse of the new One Dollar Bill, although the first design of the bill had the Eagle on the left and the Pyramid on the right. It was later changed prior to production.

Position of the Great Seal on the original draft.
Was reversed prior to production.

President Roosevelt, considered to be the last of America’s Founding Fathers, was the first president to serve more than two terms in office – serving a total of 12 years from 1933 to 1945. He was elected as the 32nd president of the United States (which compliments his position as a 32nd degree Mason) and was almost solely responsible for ushering America out of the Great Depression.
The concept of the Great Seal of the United States of America was first drafted on paper July 5th, 1776 – the day following the official ceremonies of the birth of a new nation. It went through many design changes between then and 1772 when the final draft was approved as the nation’s symbol and identity to the world. It bares within its design not only a statement of who the United States of America is as unique and independent nation but also a message from our forefathers that was intended to be handed down through the generations to every American citizen.

What was this message?
The general meaning can be read at the Great Seal official web page that discusses in depth the symbology and history of the seal.

The occult meaning, while perhaps not being entirely accurate, has intrigue and mystique that seems to reflect Masonic symbolism and seems even to have been incorporated into the symbol of 11:11 - part of the design on the Dollar. The entire design of the Seal seems to be preoccupied with the number 13 – perhaps more so than just to symbolize the original 13 states (colonies). Indeed, why was ‘13’ selected as the number of the original colonies? The Eagle, which has been said to represent a phoenix as well as the Sprit of America, has 13 arrows, 13 olive leaves, 13 stripes and 13 stars (in the shape of the six-pointed Star of David within the radiant Glory).

Front of the Great Seal of the USA

It is no secret that the forefathers of the United States of America, even many of our political leaders of this last century, were members of the Masonic Brotherhood. Such information has been researched and published through a variety of sources including (of course) the Internet. To many Americans who deem themselves to be living in a god-fearing Christian nation the number 13 has always been a number of ill repute and may be one reason why the original meaning and symbology has been forgotten to most; it was simply not discussed.

Equally as ignored in late American culture is the Pyramid on the reverse side of the Great Seal. Not only containing again the number 13 in the levels of bricks but the pyramid conjures immediate images of Egypt: hence, pharaoh, hence Moses’ exodus of the people from the Egyptian oppression. I was 25 years of age before I realized that the One Dollar Bill had anything written on it besides 'Spend Me!'

The pyramid of the Great Seal is interesting in its design in that it is not a complete pyramid. In fact its construction ends at the 13th row of brick, followed by a space and then a cap stone of the radiant Glory with the All Seeing Eye (of God) within. It has been suggested that our forefathers intended the entire design, among other meanings,  to represent a Time Line for America. Interpretation of the time line vary, but essentially, it is suggested that the United Sates will go through 13 eras of 13 years each from the beginning of the new nation in 1776 (written into the base in roman numerals) before reaching a period of enlightenment overseen by God. The writing around the pyramid – Annuit Coeptis (God Favors our Undertakings) and Novus Order Seclorum (New World of the Ages) suggests that when this period arrives there will be a One World Order under (somebody’s) God (or government).

I have studied the time line theory and have interpreted my own version that can be read in full by going Here.

11:11 in the One Dollar Bill
11:11 is at once, for me, a symbol of Chaos. It denotes impending change with uncertain outcomes. When seen, either after asking a question, receiving an invite, meeting someone or just coincidentally it immediately suggests to me that a choice or alternative direction / outcome has been presented or a change of my present personal world is imminent.  After living with it’s appearance since 1976 the one constant of its appearance has been, without fail, an announcement that a ‘doorway’ of change is approaching or upon me.

At a given point between two states of being, between two worlds or even two rooms, there exists a single  plane where both sides of the doorway are both One and yet both non-existent. It is that place where chaos reigns in the reorganization of one thing into another. Its not quite the new thing, but is certainly no longer the old, either. It is a reordering of patterns, molecules, thoughts, paradigms or even events. It is chaos – the perfect balance. This is what 11:11 symbolizes to me.

On the One Dollar Bill 11:11 is suggested in the very design of the bill. On each of the outer corners is a ‘One’. The front and back circles of the Great Seal represent the two ‘dots’ between them. In the center of it all is written the word ‘ONE’.

On April 12th, 1945, near the end of World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt passed away from a cerebral haemorrhage in his brain. His passing was both the end of an era and the beginning of an era. Roosevelt had inspired and led the nation out certain complete economic breakdown and possible revolution; through the rebuilding and restructuring of America; through a ferocious world war and placed the United States of America back on the road to strength, security and success. But his death also announced the coming of a period of chaotic uncertainty: the nuclear age, the Cold War, the space age, Viet Nam, and a period of seeming chaos through the 50’s and 60’s before finally resolving into a new America and World by the 1970's.

The 11:11 on the One Dollar Bill in conjunction with the ‘timeline’ of the United States as suggested by the levels and design of the unfinished pyramid seems to corroborate my theory that indeed the world was thrust through some form of doorway in 1945.

The timeline, as I see it, shows the last (13th) row of brick ending in 1945 followed by a space of open air (Aether). As time continues it begins to enter into the rays of light for a period of time. The base of the cap stone begins in 1971 – 26 years of reordering (13 + 13) since 1945.

During that 26 year period the United States experienced unprecedented changes and advances. It was brought to the brink of nuclear war and saw the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. It witnessed the space race and Viet Nam, revolutions in music, culture and ideas. It culminated with the landing of Apollo 11 on the Moon July 20, 1969 and the Nixon/Watergate scandal that shocked a nation.  The reordering period ushered in the precursor period to the Age of Aquarius. Life and the world would settle down a bit for the next 26 years preceding the year 2000 and the turning of a millennium.

In 1957 president Dwight D. Eisenhower insisted the motto “In God We Trust” be approved for printing for the first time on paper money. The motto had been on US coins since the American Civil War. Ironically, although it was approved, it would not be until 1963 that the paper currency actually bore the motto as we know it today. I say ‘ironically’ because of synchronous events to occur that year in conjunction with the release of the new One Dollar Bill baring the motto just above the word ‘ONE’.

The release of the new One Dollar Bill in 1963 (and still displaying the enigmatic symbol of 11:11 on it’s reverse side) has been called the Kennedy Assassination Bill.
Combinations of numbers, letters and the date seem to have accurately predicted the death of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Texas.

The new One Dollar Bill was issued from Dallas only two weeks before Kennedy was assassinated there. Dallas is the location of the 11th of 12 Federal Reserve Bank districts and is represented by the letter K, the 11th letter of the alphabet. The number 11 appears in each corner of the bill. The serial number also begins with K and ends with A, standing for (say some) ‘Kennedy Assassination’. Eleven also stands for November, the 11th month of the year; two 11's in each corner equal 22, the date of the tragedy. And the series number is 1963, the year the assassination occurred.  1963 is 18 years after 1945. 18 is the total number of Eras shown on the time line for the United States.

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